Sunday, August 15, 2010

We are getting there!!!

Another little update on our gorgeous flat!! Finally we are able to have a little sit down..the sofa, TV and our new wedding present-clock is up. Almost feels like a living room now, Jamie is back on the play station and im chilling on the sofa looking at all the hard work we have put down. Tomorrow we are doing a bit of plastering in the kitchen and hopefully starting to paint the walls in there. I guess the pictures will talk for themself... It's not all there yet, still need a picture and a few other little details, but almost there!


  1. Det har blitt så fint vennen! Helt fantastisk! Så gøy å se møblementet på plass! Gleder meg til å komme på besøk igjen! :)

  2. oioioi! Godt jobba!! Kjempefint!!!!