Saturday, September 18, 2010

A tree in the hall...

After a bit of team work, my idea (and painting skills) and Jamie's pencil skills (and cutting skills) our tree is finally on the wall. I have been looking forward to making this tree for a few years now but had to wait untill we got ourselves a home of our own... and now we do! These are pictures of the hall in our home. It is almost the last room to be fixed up downstairs...I would still like to do the bathroom but that will have to wait a little longer. We love our hall and our new homemade tree...Jamie is also working on a new, homemade shoe rack to finish it all off!

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  1. herlighet! denne bloggen må jeg nok sjekke daglig!! så masse dere har gjort siden sist jeg var inne å sjekket!! dere har jo fått det superfint!!! Satser på litt kaffe i dag?? Jonah må bare sove litt først!