Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The little man's new bedroom...

A wall is pulled down, paint is bought... So now all we have left is put up a new wall, lay a new floor, paint and a bit of decorating! Oh, and take a door out and replace it with some plaster boards. The Berntsen's will be coming shortly to put up the new wall that will make the room much bigger as it will bring together the guest room and the landing area upstairs. Soon our little boy will have a brand new room. We will keep you updated on the progress!


  1. Åh, så spennans!! Glede meg til å sjå når det blir ferdig:)

  2. Elsker blåfargen! Det er nesten så jeg håper vi får gutt, så vi kan male rommet i den fargen - tihi! Det kommer til å bli så bra hos dere når det blir ferdig! Gleder meg masse til å se! :)