Saturday, January 28, 2012

Playing with ideas...

Looking for inspiration and new ideas for the new house, always decorating in my head, and new ideas pop up... My plan is to have a fancy wallpaper in the kitchen, we have got a really tall wall that will be able to handle a bit of a bold wallpaper. I know there is no rush in deciding, but I quite like a few of Amy Butlers designs. And of course Cole&Son has got a lot of really nice ones!

Just playing with ideas at the moment though....

Have a Super Weekend!


  1. Tapeten fra Col&Son var jo hur kul som helst!

    Takk for de vakreste ord, blir varm om hjertet...
    Fin helg!

  2. Og der er tapeten min ja:) Fiiiine bilder! Godt dette bare er inspirasjon, hehe;) See u soon!